Rental with RentLog and EasyRent

The number of car dealerships that rent out one or many cars is rapidly increasing, and it is easier than ever. With RentLog, you can manage different types of rental cars.

If you have the rental cars, we have the system

Online one-time payment or automatic monthly billing
Customers pay online during the booking process and can choose between a one-time payment or automatic monthly billing.

Flexibility in pricing
For example, some cars/brands/models/car classes may be cheaper or more expensive on weekends – discounts can be given on specific weekdays. It is also possible to adjust the price based on how long a period the customer wants to rent. For example, cheaper the longer the period.

Accessories / upselling
It is possible to add accessories / upselling. For example, child seats, trailers, roof boxes, extra kilometers, etc.

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