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RentLog is an intuitive system for managing the administrative processes around vehicle fleets, and it is important to get off to a good start with thorough introduction and training. Therefore, we always help you securely get started with establishing good routines with RentLog.

It takes less than 1 day to get started - we assist with:

We naturally tailor the introduction to your specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of RentLog. If you have any questions later on, you can always contact us (LINK) for support with RentLog.

Support with expertise in place

Customer-centricity is paramount to us at mSystems, which is why you’ll receive support directly from the developers. We don’t have a heavy organization where there’s a long way from a comprehensive phone system to solving a potential problem. If adjustments are needed, new features required, or just a professionally reasoned answer, you’ll quickly have direct contact with those who have their hands in the system. This ensures faster and better customer support when needed.

We’re happy to set up a version of our demo system for you, so you can try navigating through the features yourself and experience how the program operates and its capabilities. Alternatively, we’re more than happy to visit you and provide a brief tour of the program, highlighting its key benefits.

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