Digital signature

Your customer can digitally sign the rental contract in advance with MitID/personalID and simultaneously add a picture of their driver's license.

Calendar overview

With the calendar, which can be adjusted to the individual, you get a quick overview of the car fleet.


External Rental - click to learn more about the many possibilities you get with EasyRent external rental.

Online payment method

Your customer can quickly and easily pay online via the integrated payment system.


With RentLog, you have the ability to create your own reports, providing greater oversight.


RentLog complies with the current GDPR regulations, so neither you nor your customers need to worry about that aspect.

Driver's license scanning

Easy and fast scanning of the driver's license ensures quick processing time for your customers.

Handling of damages

Keep track of fleet damages with pictures through RentLog's built-in damage management.

Monthly Invoicing

Get rid of ongoing payments, as with RentLog, you get monthly invoicing.

Tailored contract template

Set up your own contract template to fit your business and your customers.

CO2 calculation

We have made it easy, clear, and fast for you to keep track of the CO2 account.

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