and reporting

The invoice for the car rental is generated automatically

RentLog ensures optimal revenue and a quick and easy invoicing process:

Reporting on the fleet of cars is made easy and flexible

As a starting point, it is possible to generate reports on all data in the system. RentLog includes a range of useful standard report templates. It is possible for each car dealership to set up new report templates based on the data that is relevant to them. RentLog has built-in tools for building reports and templates for reports. This makes it easy to stay updated month by month on the dealership’s KPIs and ensure maximum utilization of the car fleet.

Complete overview of car resources with RentLog's reports.

It is possible to extract reports whenever desired. This could include daily, weekly, or monthly reports, or perhaps just a quick snapshot. Examples of reports could be:

Furthermore, it’s possible to set up an auto-generated notification to alert you when a vehicle is approaching expiration or service.

Integration with other systems in the automotive business

RentLog can provide tailored data extracts with standardized protocols, allowing, for instance, the dealership’s finance department to import RentLog’s data directly into their financial management system. The rental system thus offers ample opportunity to either generate the reports needed by the dealership or automatically extract data in formats such as Excel through an API, making it easy to use and process rental data.

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