Software for rental car management

Easy management of
loaner and rental cars

RentLog is developed for management of loaner and rental cars, helping you achieve optimal control. It saves you time and ensures increased revenue, greater overview, and better customer service for your business.

RentLog manages the vehicle fleet

RentLog is specially developed for the automotive industry and for anyone offering loaner or rental cars to their customers.

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Save time and avoid errors

In addition to the many features that facilitate fleet management on a daily basis, there are several financial benefits.

PC and App always synchronized

The program is developed for PC and mobile, making it an easy tool in everyday life for registration, office employees, and preparation staff

External rental with EasyRent

EasyRent is integrated into your website and is a really smart booking system that saves time and hassle for both customers and your administration. Car customers want to easily book a rental car, and you want it to be as easy as possible. This can be done via an online form, as you can see below.

Flexible solution
RentLog automatically keeps track of damages, mileage, fuel, driver’s license copies, and ensures proper data deletion according to GDPR. You can also move bookings, create price categories, contract types, and rental car types.

The system has helped many car dealerships save time, avoid errors, and ensure a significantly increased turnover in the business, while providing better customer service.

EasyRent is a flexible solution with many options. So whether you offer regular rental, long-term rental, or short-term leasing, EasyRent will solve the task.

Short-term rental or Long-term rental
For regular rental, the customer needs to choose the date and time for the desired pick-up and drop-off. For longer rental periods, a start date is chosen, followed by the number of months the customer wants to rent. It is easy to adjust the options presented to the customer in EasyRent. It is also possible to run with different setups simultaneously, in multiple locations on your website. That way, you can offer your customers multiple options.


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EasyRent external rental

With EasyRent, it's simple and straightforward to get started with external rentals.

If you already have RentLog, all you need to do is make the decision. More and more car dealerships are renting out one or more cars today, and it’s easier than ever to get started. You already have RentLog and just need to decide to expand with EasyRent.

Learn more about RentLog
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Learn more about RentLog
and the many benefits.