Tjekvik / RentLog

Tjekvik and RentLog have joined forces and brought everything together in one place

Tjekvik and RentLog have teamed up to create a powerful integration for rental car management and simple self-service for your customers.

The administrative burden is reduced for you, and your customers will experience faster processing times and a better user experience when using the self-service feature.

Your customers can check in and out from the comfort of their homes – a process that takes just a few minutes. With the self-service portal, they also have access to their rental contract and relevant rental information at their fingertips.

The Tjekvik / RentLog integration optimizes the administrative process

With the RentLog / Tjekvik integration, your team will experience an optimized rental process, without cumbersome administrative tasks and large amounts of paperwork. They can easily and quickly find the relevant information directly in the system. This contributes to faster processing times when handling rental cars – which is greatly appreciated by both you and your customers.

Outdoor self-service flow provides full flexibility

RentLog and Tjekvik can easily integrate with outdoor hardware, providing even greater flexibility. Your customers will experience a smooth and efficient process, where they can drop off their own car and pick up the rental car outside your normal opening hours. This is very convenient for your customers as they no longer have to schedule their workshop visit around your opening hours. For you, this also means fewer queues and shorter waiting times at the rental office.

Learn more about how we can optimize your rental flow

In an increasingly digital world, the Tjekvik / RentLog integration is a smart and time-saving solution for both you and your customers. It combines convenience with efficiency and ensures that the rental process is as seamless as possible

Would you like to learn more about the Tjekvik / RentLog integration? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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